Tongariro Street Substation

Electra contacted Warner Fences Wellington to provide security fencing and gates for the Tongariro Street substation. They wanted fencing and gates that provided practical safety and security while still being aesthetically pleasing. The nature of the site presented a few unique challenges but excellent planning and execution meant these were skillfully navigated.
One of the unique aspects of the job was that all of the fences had to be electrically earthed. All of the gates also had to be cantilevered so that they could be isolated from the ground and they were installed on rubber wheels to isolate them from the structure supporting them. Prior to installation, post locations had to be worked out and dug using a hydro excavation truck to ensure that high voltage power cables were not disturbed. Warner's worked with Electra and other contractors to ensure the project was completed on time and to the highest standard, all while the unique safety aspects of the site were managed well.

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