Wellington International Airport

Wellington International Airport needed a fencing solution to direct and control where pedestrians walked on the tarmac. They approached Peter Ferguson and his team at Warner Fencing Wellington after seeing the great job done by Warner's at the Christchurch International Airport.

Due to the nature of the site, strict safety and security standards were enforced, the team at Warner's worked to these standards to produce a quality project that looks great while still fulfilling the required function. The project also required gates that latched in two positions, to ensure safety standards were being meet. One challenge the site presented was that the posts had to be installed in such a way that minimal dirt and dust was produced as this could interfere with the aeroplanes and their operation. Warner provided a solution for this challenge and worked quickly and efficiently to ensure minimal disruption to the airport and it's daily operations. The end result is pedestrian fencing that directs passengers and keeps them safe while blending in with the modern aesthetic of the airport.

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